Golf Syncro Adjustable Trailing Arm Bushes

Golf Syncro Adjustable Trailing Arm Bushes

When Volkswagen combined the capable and hugely popular Golf Mk2 platform with its advanced viscous coupling all-wheel-drive system, the ‘Syncro‘ was born, with the pinnacle of MK2 model madness being the rally “homologation special” Rallye.

With its G60 supercharged engine, manual transmission, and Syncro four-wheel-drive, this box-flared monster has gone on to become a significant part of Volkswagen’s motorsport history.

To support the new rear differential and driveshafts, the AWD Golfs are equipped with an independent rear-trailing arm suspension setup, that certainly benefits from our new product this week.

PFR85-262G Toe-Adjust Rear Trailing Arm Bush features an adjustable stainless steel sleeve – machined on our brand new Star Micronics CNC lathe – which allows for +/- 1° of on-car toe and camber adjustment.

This new part is made using our Black 95A material with thinner wall thickness to allow for a larger range of adjustable offset whilst retaining stiffness and reliability.

These parts also fit the Golf Mk3 4WD Syncro (1993 – 1997) and Passat B3/B4 Syncro 4WD (1988 – 1996).

Don’t forget, all of our parts come with our unrivalled Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind.

4th May 2021

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