New Rear Beam Bushes for SMART Roadster 452

New Rear Beam Bushes for SMART Roadster 452

Taut and well-balanced handling was the Smart Roadster 452‘s ace card when new, but with early vehicles being nearly 17yrs old, the once rigid chassis is now losing some of its original poise and precision due to tired suspension and worn suspension bushes.

This week we are adding a new part to help with rear-end stability and to complete our bush line-up for the 452.

PFR68-230 Rear Beam Mounting Bush

With this one bush being the main mounting point for the rear axle, its operation is vital for rear-end control.

The OE rubber bush is only supplied as part of the rear axle beam assembly making it extremely expensive to replace (£340 plus labour) when it fails. Until now…

These new parts are also available in our Black Series range for those looking for a Track/Competition option.

7th Feb 2020

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