The long-lived, high-tech 2009-2021 Nissan GT-R is known for savage, supercar-killing acceleration and unrivalled levels of grip. And not only is it fast from the factory; plenty of owners seek even more performance by way of tuning and upgrades for road and track. But with extra power and performance comes additional stress and wear, and a well-known point of failure that comes as a result of hard launches and high torque transfer is the rear transaxle mounting bushes, so this week, Powerflex are proud to announce a new product for the GT-R. PFR46-732 Rear Differential-to-Subframe Mounting Bushes use our Purple 80A durometer bush material alongside CNC-machined Aluminium and Steel components to provide a durable, semi-solid mounting location for the rear transaxle; allowing your GT-R to put its power down more directly without excessive on-off throttle deflection. Stiffness is increased by 250% radially over the voided OE rubber bush.

Nissan does not sell replacement bushes for this location as the bushes are sold as part of the subframe, and with a new rear subframe costing over £1200, our new bushes make for a very cost-effective replacement solution.

For those after a track/motorsport-focused, no-compromise solution; these bushes are also available in our Black Series 95A material, increasing stiffness by 550%.

A small increase in NVH should be expected when stiffening the mounting between the transmission and chassis. The harder the material used, the greater the NVH transmitted.

6th Sep 2022

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