Despite the first sold being 24yrs old, the BMW E46 3-Series is still hugely popular and the platform for some of our most popular selling parts even to this day, so we’re always on the lookout for additions. A recent enquiry and something brought to our attention is larger core performance radiators and subsequently how they are mounted, which has led to this week’s release – PFF5-4652 Offset Lower Radiator Mount Kit.

The thicker core of these radiators (and therefore end tanks) relocate the end tank-mounted coolant reservoir/expansion tank further backwards in the car, causing it to sit closer (and in some instances touching) to the rotating power steering pump pulley.

Made in our Red 65A durometer material, the offset bushes move the bottom of the radiator forward by 8mm to add needed clearance for the expansion tank/pulley and to prevent it from touching and causing a potentially catastrophic engine failure, especially if the engine mounts are worn.

They can also be fitted without draining down the coolant system and removing the radiator, making them an easy swap out. As well as fitting the E46 inc M3 with larger core radiators, this kit will also fit standard vehicles with standard radiators (although no extra clearance is required) and a variety of other models from the BMW stable, including E28, E30, E31, E32, E34, E36, E36 Compact, E83 ×3, Z1, E36 Z3 & E85/E86 Z4 inc Z4M.

8th Jun 2022

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