Ford KA Exhaust Mount and Gearbox Mount Insert

Ford KA Exhaust Mount and Gearbox Mount Insert

Powerflex is a very proud technical partner and part supplier to the mighty EnduroKA Championship, and we even run our own little race KA!

From our own experiences of driving these KA’s for hours on end and listening to feedback from other competitors, we are regularly identifying ways of optimising the performance and driving experience of the Mk1 Ford KA.

This week we are releasing two newly homologated performance parts fit for the road or track from exactly this experience.

EXH036 Exhaust Mount fits the original chassis mounting points and is made from our Purple 80A material to keep the exhaust secure in the harshest track conditions.

PFF19-620 Gearbox Mount Insert fills the voiding of the original Ford mount and is made from our Yellow 70A material to significantly reduce engine movement while improving gear selection, power delivery, and driving feel.

Combine these with other parts from our product range for the KA to make your Ford truly race-ready!

8th Jun 2021

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