New Fiat 500/Ka/Panda Engine Mount

New Fiat 500/Ka/Panda Engine Mount

This week’s release has an Italian flavour as we add new engine mount parts for the Fiat 500 including Abarth and US variants.

We now offer a CNC machined aluminium lower torque mount, with various durometer options to suit differing states of tune, boasting an increased stiffness of 50-200% over standard and a significant reduction in engine movement.

PFF16-530 Lower Torque Mount (Yellow 70A) is recommended for fast road use for standard or mildly tuned cars.

PFF16-530P Lower Torque Mount (Purple 80A) is recommended for higher powered cars used on the road/track.

PFF16-530BLK Lower Torque Mount (Black 95A) is available in our Black Series for hard Track and Motorsport use.

This must-have mod is designed to keep cabin noise and engine vibration to a minimum whilst improving gear changes and reducing wheel-hop.

To cater for variants covered by our insert options we have the following parts available:

PFF16-530/P/BLK fits 1.2-1.4L models excluding Abarth

PFF16-531/P/BLK fits Abarth models

PFF16-532/P/BLK fits US models inc. Abarth

These parts are also available for the Ford Ka and Fiat Panda

26th Apr 2019

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