New for BMW i3

New for BMW i3

The nippy BMW i3 makes for a great electric runabout, and with rear wheel drive and BMW dynamics it is a great handling car.

At Powerflex we have owned an i3 from the very beginning in 2014.

As the car started to age we found that the straight line stability was suffering. The car was starting to move around, especially on the motorway in a way that it never did in the past.

After checking the geometry and changing all four tyres to no success the conclusion was that the bushes might be ageing.

After testing different compounds and designs we are pleased to be able to launch the bushes for the front lower wishbone.

Designed to reduce front end instability and improve steering response.

PFF5-8001 Front Wishbone Front Bush

PFF5-8002 Front Wishbone Rear Bush

We would recommend changing both bushes at the same time for the maximum improvement.

10th Jul 2020

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