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New for Mini Gen 1

New for Mini Gen 1

This week we announce the release of our new geometry correction parts for lowered R50, R52 and R53 Gen 1 Mini’s.

Our range of Mini parts have been available and popular for well over 10 years and still to this day we receive enquiries to add new ways to positively influence suspension geometry and handling of the car.

PFF5-131G Roll Centre Adjuster is an incredibly simple way to restore/change the roll centre of the car to increase resistance to body roll and correct suspension geometry on lowered vehicles where the angle of the front wishbone has changed, causing suspension compression even when the vehicle is stationary.

Our kit includes a 5mm spacer for fine-tuning and to cater for different ride heights and wheel sizes and longer High Tensile bolts to accommodate the additional thickness of the ball joint assembly – the ball joint is NOT included.

29th Mar 2019

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