New Parts for VAG Anti Roll Bar

New Parts for VAG Anti Roll Bar

This week we are adding a small part to our range for a large family of VAG vehicles, including:

Audi A3 MK1

Seat Leon MK1

Skoda Octavia MK1

VW Golf MK4

VW Jetta MK4 (New Web Page Addition)

PFF85-413 Front Anti Roll Bar Link Bush Kit replaces each of the worn bushes in the original plastic end link.

Worn end link bushes are a common cause for suspension knocking and are a frequent failure on MOT inspections. Instead of replacing the end link with rubber bushes that are sure to fail again, fitting our polyurethane bushes provides knock-free front-end stability and smooth driving.

For those steering their car towards more extreme Track and Motorsport use, these new parts are also available in our Black Series Range.

24th May 2019

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